Sugar, Coffe & Cotton


Our Brazilian sugar factories produce sugar and ethanol products that are used in local and international markets.

This is possible thanks to our fully integrated logistics pipeline and transshipment depot in Votuporanga, Brazil, which receives raw sugar from nearby plants and mills. These products are stored at our facility before being transferred to our own terminal - Terminal 12A - in Santos or other third-party port terminals.


We are one of the world's leading coffee retailers and supply a complete range of coffee and quality from around the world.

We deal with every phase, from sourcing, warehousing and quality control to shipping, warehousing, processing, financing and marketing.

We usually buy green coffee tapes during the harvest and send the coffee directly to our customers, mostly multinational roasters in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our search is now located in Indonesia, Brazil, India and Colombia and provides direct access to most of the world's coffee production.


Our cotton mills are at the forefront of the global cotton trade.

We also have sales offices to support our operations in the world's major cotton production and consumption markets, including China, Brazil, India, Turkey, West Africa and Indonesia. We have a direct share in the origin of all our cotton to ensure that the quality is always high.

The success of our cotton operation is the result of the partnership we have built with producers and customers. Our strategy is to continue building mutually valuable relationships directly in the supply chain.