Grains & Oilseeds

We connect producers and users of cereals and oilseeds worldwide through sourcing, trading, processing and distribution, as well as offering a variety of agricultural services and risk management solutions.

Top Danika focuses its strategy on these products in four areas of origin - the USA, Brazil, Argentina, and the Black Sea - and three key supplier regions - China and Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

In the Black Sea region, we mine, store, process and export wheat, corn, barley and oilseeds from Ukraine and Russia. Our main European distribution operations are in Romania, Spain, UK, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Italy and Hungary.

We operate on a combined global basis in the sourcing, storage, sales, processing and distribution of cereals and oilseeds, including wheat, corn, oilseeds, barley and sorghum, as well as vegetable oils and foods. We have a comprehensive global presence in the field of grain acquisition, transportation and processing, and we have developed basic skills in managing stored identities and differentiated products.

Our supply chain efficiency combined with resource and logistics flexibility can provide our significant value to our customers around the world.