Company overview

Top Danika SRL was founded in 2007 with the aim become a leader in the global supply chains for cereals, oilseeds, sugar, cotton, building materials, metals, and medical equipment, structuring projects, advising clients, and financing investments. Our goal is to provide the world with a safe, responsible and sustainable way.

TOP DANIKA SRL's main Activity is wholesale international trade and has a dedicated and experienced team of senior professionals across functional disciplines. The logistic spread of offices in Europe enables it to deliver a variety of interesting projects and transactions. Associated senior partners are located around the globe to assist at the required spot.

We combine our experience with new technologies and knowledge to serve as a trusted partner for food, agricultural, financial and industrial customers in more than 125 countries.

As a long-term responsible company, we will continue to invest in and improve our network, which will enable us to meet the needs of a growing world.

Your trust makes us bigger!


Why Choose us

Storage & Handling

We maintain specialised storage and handling facilities in all the main growing regions.

Safe Transactions

Transactions are mostly confidential and details are only exchanged between the involved parties.

Port Terminals

We own port terminal in key locations to ensure reliable delivery of all commodities.

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